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The Blue Room Bar @Cartlandia

8145 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, 97266

We normally book only local acts but will be willing to book out of town acts if it is accompanied with a local opening act to help drive attendance.

The stage and sound system. The Blue Room Bar is a small bar,not the MODA Center. We ask for you to keep your volume down at a reasonable level (very important because this is our biggest complaint so LESS is more , please don't be surprised if we ask you to turn the levels down during or after sound check ).

Our patrons want to hear you and also eat, drink, and talk to one another.

We have 3 mics and stands(if needed please bring your own if possible), two monitors, two main speakers, a

massive subwoofer, and a Mackie ProFX16 Effects Mixer. The stage is 12 ft. x 12 ft with a drum riser in the corner.

There are two stage lights on the North wall that are controlled from behind the bar. Ask the bartender to adjust them to your preference.

DO NOT adjust the Main speakers without permission from the

bartender or management! You will be held responsible for any

damage to our equipment. We do not have a sound guy on staff, but we are happy to share any information we have about the system. If you do not know how to work the board, please ask for assistance from the bartender before turning knobs.

2. Promotion

• We are in this together so it is best if WE ALL PROMOTE!

• We will put your event and a color photo on our events page

(www.blueroombar/events ) – SEND me a photo short bio/description of music, links to reverbnation etc. asap! At least 3-4 weeks before your show if possible.

• Event will be on web page calendar (

• We will tweet out (so follow us on Twitter @ the Blue


• Please send announcement to the press at Wweek( You also are encouraged

to send announcement to press or post on, Reverb , Wweek.

• We will put on our Facebook pages (LIKE our FB page: (The Blue Room Bar)

• The performer should make a FACEBOOK event page and share it with your fans. We will also share it with the Blue Room Bar followers.

• INVITE EVERYONE - more $$$ to be made for you!

• SHARE THE EVENT - Post the event to your wall! Post the event to your friend’s walls- whatever you feel works for you.

• SHARE THE EVENT WITH YOUR BANDMATES - A lot of folks have Facebook pages, so make sure all your bandmates are aware of the Facebook event link for your show, so they can share and invite folks.

•POST IN THE EVENT- When you post in the event feed, it notifes

everyone who is invited. This means these invites are being reminded of

the event. Post pictures, video, and links to music.

3. POSTERS/FLYERS FOR THE EVENT - We expect you to make posters

and poster promotion is the responsibility of the band. Send a digital copy

of the poster to JJBLUEBAR7@gmail for use on our social media

promotion. Also bring 6 11x17 hardcopies to the Blue Room Bar and drop off with the Bartender. We will post on site the week of your show. It is recommended you post 15 days prior to your show.

4. Time frame for the evening. Music typically goes from 8 to 11pm .Thursday residency (the same band plays every thursday for the entire month) starts at 7pm goes until 9pm. If you want to start or stop at different times, let me know. A split bill is fine, but have each band keep to their time slot and limit time between breaks. Do you have another musician or band who will be performing that night? Who is first and what is the approximate time each will play? Let us and the other bands know.

5. Compensation: We will not charge a cover charge for your show. We pay the performer who headlines based upon a percentage of the proceeds from the bar/restaurant during the performance time. The bartender pays the headliner musician/band directly. If there is more than one performer, the headliner will be responsible for distributing the money to the other performers. Each band member gets a free beer or well drink. We do not comp food. We pay 20% of the bar’s take during the evening hour shows (7 pm and later) and do not pay during happy hour shows ( 5- 7:30) or for

shows outside under the beer Tent. You are welcome to ask for tips. If you are not the headlining performer, you will deal directly with the headliner for payment or contact the bartender on the evening you play if you encounter any issues. We will ask the headliner to fill out a W9 form for IRS purposes.

We encourage you to sell CD, merchandise, and also put out a tip jar.

7. Where and when to Load-In. We have a designated space behind the bar on SE Harney Street with reserved parking for your vehicle and easy access to the stage. Arrive early enough to check in with the bartender, set up, check sound, eat dinner either here at the blue room or in one of the 31 food carts and greet your guests.

8. We have a strict no marijuana use in the entire Cartlandia and Blue room bar venue, anyone caught on premise partaking will be immediatley asked to leave even if this person or persons are playing in the band and there will be zero compensation for the performance so please in the entire gated area which is Cartlandia please refrain from any drug use.

Thank you for playing at The Blue Room Bar! We’ll do all we can to make your night successful and fun. Have a great show!

The Blue Room Bar Owners

Jeff Hebert Jim Ginotti